Welcome to my Men Lounge. In here I will talk about my life. Justsoyouknow me name is Ben.

I am a bored man struggling as my shoes are annoying and are causing me problems. I am a four and a half, not a three!!

Anyway, I started out as a weird floppy thing with a rubber cable sticking out my front. I had been born! They cut my food tube off and I screamed. I was then sent home with a tiny plaster on my stomach.

I was upset a bit, but then I had a vision. It was fantastic! I was going to become a brilliant and sentient man!

I started out in a little village called Mosborough. I went to a small nursery to which I cannot remember the name of. I had a good self-esteem even though I was three and my mum was obsessed with a lot of things:

I still remember posing for the photo take! I was looking forward to going to the real Mosborough local school, but everything changed when I woke up one day with a creepy sign outside the house. The word were deadly...it said "SOLD"! I asked my mother what the heck was going on and she said that we were moving. I was fine about that.

If you skip a few months, I was at my new house. It was quite big, but there was tiny room about the size of 2 x 2 metres. That was my room. I still remember my Thomas the DANK Engine bed. It was real cheesy...

Funky Blue Ball Machine